About Us

We started in 1986 as a small group of nature enthusiasts to bring environmental awareness to the people.  Our aim was to raise an environmentally conscious generation by conducting studies on natural history and bringing environmental education to schools and colleges.

Our transformation from nature enthusiasts to serious environmental activists was triggered by the rise in pesticide use and pesticide related illness, increasing deforestation, improper handling of urban waste and other alarming issues.

From the 1970s to the 2000s over 50000 villagers in the district of Kasargod were plagued by convulsions, physical deformities, congenital anomalies and cancer.  These maladies were traced to the pesticide Endosulfan sprayed over the cashew plantations.

In 1998, along with the local community, e launched a highly vocal and public campaign, which resulted in the State Government putting a ban on Endosulfan use.  Later following up with studies, national debates, petitions and advocacy, India banned Endosulfan in 2011.

Today, we are changing the toxic side of farming to a healthy one through our social enterprises - the Oganic Bazaar, and the Agro-Ecology Centre.  This initiative provides thousands of consumers access to safe and nutritious food, while enhancing the quality of life of hundreds of farmers.

We also have a national movement to revive the lost glory of our farming, through the Save our Rice Campaign.  Thousands of farmers in five states are today adopting ecological farming practices, conserving and cultivating traditional varieties of high quality seeds, and ensuring the supply of orgnaic rice to consumers across these states.

Our efforts to stop the hazardous burning of waste led to the Zero Waste Campaign.  We now run the Zero Waste Centre at Kovlam, a regional hub for training communities on Zero Waste management.  We also facilitate some very successful Zero Waste initiatives, the most satisfying of this being the Zero Waste Himalayas, involving two countries and six Indian states.


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