Engineers And Bankers – You Can Be The New Climate Activists That India Needs

By Shradha Shreejaya On 20 Feb 2017 | Category : Nature

In Naomi Klein’s recent book ‘This Changes Everything’, she quotes Yotam Marom, an organizer with Occupy Wall Street in New York, who wrote in July 2013 – “The fight for the climate isn’t a separate movement; it’s both a challenge and an opportunity for all of our movements. We don’t need to become climate activists, we are climate activists. We don’t need a separate climate movement; we need to seize the climate moment.”

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Growing up with menstruation

By Shradha Shreejaya On 4 Feb 2017 | Category : Nature

Growing up years were challenging. I had this nagging sense of not being wanted as a girl child and despite being loved for whoever i was figuring myself out to be, i thought my parents would have had been happier having an elder boy to shoulder their worries (and boy did they have many to tackle back then!). Having had been subjected to ‘casual’ molestation by well-wishing ‘grandpas’ and loving uncles, the feeling of disgust was quite strong in my teeny adolescent body. Welcome puberty and related information hand-me-down of sexual vulnerability, my teenage years were spent in getting barber-shop haircuts and tomboy demeanor to tone down the girl ‘stuff’ going on. To not be seen or felt or looked at.

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The drought is here again – Lets get our Act together

By Mr. Sridhar Radhakrishnan On 6 Jan 2017 | Category : Nature

There is no use beating around the bush, so lets come to the point straight. Drought in a water blessed state like Kerala, is not a situation, nor is it a calamity, its a Shame.

This year we have had deficit rains, the IMD Director says it is 34% less from the South-West Monsoon, and if the North-East also fails us, we would have a “drought-like” situation. Infact, the Kerala Assembly even discussed this, and declared Kerala as drought hit. But what does this deficit mean in actual numbers – 1352.3 mm of rain instead of the predicted 2039.7 mm. Now, Kerala with an annual average rainfall of 3107 mm actually has a mind-boggling quantity of water pouring down on it as rain. That is estimated to be 7030 crore cubic metre (7030,00,00,000 cubic metre), which is actually on an average more than 20 lakh litre per head per year. On an average each person need about 100 litres per day, and that would mean just 36,500 litres per capita per year. This actually comes to less that 2% of the available rain water. Put in simple terms,  we only need to trap and store about 2% of the total rain poured down on us every year for direct human household use.

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Food, Water or Aeroplanes

By Ms. Ushakumari S On 24 Sep 2014 | Category : Nature

An article on the back ground of proposed airport project in the wetland of Aranmula, Kerala ... read full article

Nature-Deficient Disorders

By Ms. Ushakumari S On 24 Sep 2014 | Category : Nature

Insensitiveness of society to nature ... read full article

Burning waste make lonely trees

By Ms. Ushakumari S On 12 Aug 2013 | Category : Nature

A poem by Usha S, the Executive Director of Thanal. ... read full article

ഒരു വേനൽ കവിത

By Ms. Ushakumari S On 25 Jun 2013 | Category : Nature

ഒരു വേനൽ കവിത. poem by Usha S, Executive Director of Thanal. ... read full article

പാറ ക്കെട്ടുകൾക് മുകളിൽ

By Ms. Ushakumari S On 22 May 2013 | Category : Nature

A poem by Usha S, Executive Director of Thanal ... read full article

Nature-deficient disorder

By Ms. Ushakumari S On 10 May 2013 | Category : Nature

Sometimes one feels that there is no hope left for us . This happens mainly when people does not show any sensitivity to their environment , to their fellow beings . ... read full article

Drought in the land of monsoon

By Ms. Ushakumari S On 10 May 2013 | Category : Nature

Every day some body or the other say that they are facing water shortage. Their wells have become dry. In Kovalam where I went women were complaining about it. In Muvattupuzha, Kollam, Neyyattinkara , Wayanad drought is on the doorsteps of houses. people pay an amount of Rs 4,00 for 1000 litres of water . ... read full article

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