Burning waste make lonely trees

12th August, 2013

what will the trees in a city do
when there is a foul smell
due to burning of waste?
They will remain calm
and try to breath full and deep
letting out pure air.

What do the birds do
when there is a foul smell around ?
They will fly off sadly
leaving their giant friend behind.

Insects will drop
in to the fire of waste
Children will remain sad
even after getting all toys and colorful food.

How can I make my neighbour understand
that burning waste is making our children sad?
Making the giant trees of this city lonely?
Making all of us sick and angry?

That people are waiting for this ‘waste’
to make their life better?
And we are burning our lives
and the lives of our children
and their children
…..and the life of this planet ?!

Usha S

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