Drought in the land of monsoon

10th May, 2013

I could not write anything in the last 4 months. It is a long time. Although I am not a regular blogger I was feeling bad about it. I was getting more drawn in to organisational issues and some personal issues . Even now I am quite confused . But one thing which is hitting hard on our face is drought and it is real. Very real. Every day some body or the other say that they are facing water shortage. Their wells have become dry. In Kovalam where I went women were complaining about it. In Muvattupuzha,  Kollam,  Neyyattinkara , Wayanad drought is on the doorsteps of houses. people pay an amount of Rs 4,00 for 1000 litres of water . How much will be the monthly price of water for a family in Kerala?  More than food bill? Some body said we will get rice for Rs2/kg and water for Rs 20/ litre .We have been so casual about water until now. We were so lavish in our consumption.

Kerala Paristhithi Aikyavedi organised a state level convention on this issue on 22nd march, world water day. Lot of leaders came and spoke . they all shared the view that we are in a crisis. But no body could really tell what can be done . If leaders can not say what can be done , then who else?

This is the time to start really planning for a collective culture for water sharing. We need to revive and restore our ponds and streams . All around it was paddy lands and wetlands and the water flowed from field to the pond and back and kept the pond and stream live. In my child hood days how much we enjoyed our pond and stream in the summer months. the whole of summer vacation was swimming and playing and eating mangoes. It was all free. Now after all development we do not have anything free. Not even water. I feel sorry for our children. But for economists this is growth.  We have to decide what is growth for us .

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