Lets Begin

30th July, 2013


Every dawn is great moment and so is dusk!

This planet our only home and a great world

That needs all of us.

Every moment to care and to be cared.

The celebration of diversity and

Urge to excel is what we all call life!

We are witness to this;

Along with being witness and,

Being silent is immoral and a crime.

How can we stay silent?

When in every moment

The life of planet earth is threatened?


We see hope in

The diverse ways through which life attempts to survive.


Every moment is a beginning,

And it is the continuation.

Since we all are bound together

To the same current of time

There is no point in claiming that

This is a beginning.

Still we are trying a new step;

This is a window

To share and communicate with you;

The truth and realities we found;

The challenges and struggles we faced;

The justice and injustice we witnessed;

The experiences and lessons we earned;

The frustrations of activists and victims;

The experiences awaiting us ahead;

During our journey alone and together.


This is an attempt to utilize,

The speed and reach of information technology;

Though, we understand its limitations.

It is only a tool to supplement our effort

To reach out and communicate

And seek to build the relations with you

Which are build around

With a compassion for life,

a friendship of love, and trust,

Which have no limits.


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