Tips to operate Biogas plant efficiently (Deena Bandhu model)

1st January, 1970

some tips to operate it in an efficient way.

  1. Get a bucket dedicated for your biogas plant. collect all , rice cooked water, rice and vegetable washed water, spoiled curries, left over food, vege cuts and peals in the bucket.
  2. Keep it for a whole day so that it will get fermented for the next day.
  3. Feed it to your biogas plant after 7 am and before 11 am to ensure that there will be enough sun to build up heat for your plant (when you load materials into your biogas plant, the inside temperature will fall and it will recover with the help of outside temperature)
  4. Keep a bucket near outlet for collection of slurry. Since you have a deenabandhu model, there will be a slurry collection tank beside the slurry balancing tank. collect the slurry and dilute it with 20 times of water and sprinkle it to y our farm.
  5. Do not put muringa (drum sticks), curry leaves, banana leaves, banana stem, onion peels, egg shells, big bones, feathers, it will be difficult to get digested.
  6. Try to make the size of feed into small, by just cutting them into small pieces.
  7. Never feed your plant with rotten bananas, or any other fruits in bulk (any quantity above 2kg of the same). It will lead to fermentation which will result in formation of more CO2 and less Methane and there will be gas but it will not burn. Ensure that you recharge the plant with fresh cowdung slurry at least once in two years .
  8. Try to stir the material inside the plant with some stick or a rope with some heave thing. This is to break the scum formation on the surface. Ensure that the tube do not get blocked with water from condensed water vapour.
  9. During jack fruit season, collect jackfruit peels along with its thorny out skin (no seeds please) make it into small pieces and get it fermented in a bucket for two days and feed it. It will give you good amount of gas.
  10. If you have rat traps, insert the rats trapped into the plant wink emoticon
  11. Ensure that the stove are kept clean, and used on a daily basis. burn off excess gas.


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