Yes!!! we can do organic farming

25th September, 2014

Organic farming is a form of agriculture that relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control and strictly excludes the use of chemical inputs.Think how good it is to produce what we eat. Of course the land is not the constrain because we can do farming in sacs and terrace also. But it is the will to do farming.There are successful women farmers who could produce organic vegetables and fruits for their own household purposes and the remaining is sold at Organic Bazaar.Besides being healthy,this makes them earn too.This article flashes light over the four women farmers namely Ms.Lalitha Sahadevan, Ms.Padmini, Ms.Sasikala and Ms.Sreelekha. Ms.Lalitha Sahadevan is an Organic Farmers who is doing farming for about thirteen years. Initially she was doing farming in her own land but after the construction of her home she purchased a land in lease for farming. Yet she is growing plants in her backyard garden in the few cents. Since organic farming is an integrated approach she owns four cows, fourteen goats and thirteen hens.The kitchen wastes are efficiently utilised as a feed for these animals which inturn she gets nutrient rich manure. The remaining wastes are also fed into the bio gas plant for the energy production and its by product bio gas slurry can be applied to plants as a nutrient source.She is growing bittergourd,brinjal,cow pea,okra,ginger,yam,Amaranthus and different varieties of banana which include Nendran,Red banana,Rasa kadhali,Robusta and Palayan thodan. She applies cow dung ,poultry manure, neem cake, ash and groundnut cake as an organic inputs.As an organic farmer, she is very satisfactory to feed her family with the fresh,healthy and tasty organic produces. She encourages her neighbours,relatives and friends to do organic farming.She feels organic farming as more remunerative as she earns thrice a week only by selling vegetables,fruits and eggs. Moreover she is very proud to be an organic farmer and wants all the youngsters into organic farming. Ms.Padmini is an organic farmer who does terrace and backyard gardening for seven years. She owns two goats and thirty five hens. She grows Okra, Tomato,brinjal,Bitter gourd,Amaranthus, Ivy gourd,Chillies and Lab lab in the terrace, banana,yam,ash gourd and passion fruit. She has seven years of experience in organic farming where she has found no loss.In addition she also does mushroom culture which adds to her income.She maximum avoids buying of vegetables from outside. She is in the process of rejuvenating her terrace garden for which she had ordered seventy five grow bags for planting. Ms.Sasikala is an organic farmer who does farming for about twelve years.She has a kitchen garden of about ten cents in which brinjal, tomato, okra, chilly, ivy gourd, papaya, Moringa, plantain, curry leaves, amranthus is grown.Apart from family consumption she could also sell the produces in Organic Bazaar. All her family members are engaged in field work in the evenings. She also gives her produces to friends and neighbour which encourages them to do organic farming. The Kitchen wastes are effiently utilised for vermicomposting. Ms.Sreelekha is an organic farmer who does farming mainly in terrace where different varieties of chilly, Ivy gourd, Cow pea, Brinjal, Pudhina, Coriander, Lablab, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cherry tomato and some ornamental flowers. In the front yard garden of about one cent banana, yam and curry leaves were grown. She started farming as a pastime which made her earn too. Organic inputs like Vermicompost, Poultry manure, Neem cake, Neem oil, Chiretta plant extract (Kiriyath) are added to the soil. The fallen dried leaves are utilised for making pot mixture.Kitchen wastes are given as a feed for hens. Along with vegetables she could also sell eggs which adds to her income. Thus organic farming will be remunerative, extremely rewarding and inexpensive. Keeping these women farmers as example ,let us also do organic farming. “PRODUCE ORGANIC & EAT ORGANIC”.

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