Ban Endosulfan

Ban Endosulfan

Ban Endosulfan Campaign

From the mid 1970s, the pesticide endosulfan has been aerially sprayed on a cashew nut plantation covering several villages in Kasargod District, Kerala State, India. People residing in the villages within the plantation have been afflicted with different kinds of illnesses which, according to the villagers, were not present before the cashew nut plantation started their operations.

People also noticed the death of fishes, honeybees, frogs, birds, chicken and even cows. In 1979, a farmer began to suspect that the pesticides being aerially sprayed in the plantation might have caused the deformities and stunted growth, which, he observed in 3 of his calves. A journalist reported the story warning that endosulfan, the pesticide used in the aerial spraying, might have been the cause. The story raised awareness among the people who started voicing out their complaints about health problems and environmental damage.

Over 3 decades of campaign in the affected Kasaragod district of Kerala has resulted in numerous studies, reports and fact finding missions. You can read more about the story of Kasaragod from


Resource Files

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    Thiruvamkulam Nature Lovers Movement v. Plantation Corporation of Kerala (2002.08.12), verdict banning aerial spray of endosulfan

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    How to grow crops without endosulfan? PAN-Germany’s Field Guide to Non-chemical Pest Management

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    A short video on the Anti Endosulfan Day - 25th April 2011 led Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala, Mr. V.S. Achuthanandan.

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    An update on Endosulfan Campaign in Kasargod

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    An update on Endosulfan Campaign in Kasargod, Kerala

  26. Concord-12

    concord-12,nationalworkshop, 2012 july 21-22,chinmaya Thejus hall, vidyanagar, kasargod

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