Mr. Jayakumar C

Trustee, Executive Board Member, Director

Started environmental activism as a student of Professor John C Jacob in 1978 as member of Zoological Club of Payyannur College. Continued as one of the student volunteers in the save Silent Valley struggle and later engaged in the environment Education and organizing in Nature Clubs. Since 1983 has been fulltime activist in the environment and wildlife sector. Member of several environmental groups in Kerala. Founder THANAL and has been active in the environment research and education activities for three decades with rich experience in environment struggles and activities in Kerala

Trustee and board member of Thanal, directly associated with Zerowaste Campaign, Pesticide and environment health research and monitoring and Organic farming.( in International Advocacy for Chemical safety with special focus on Persistent Organic Pollutants, waste management, pesticide safety, biodiversity based ecological agriculture, food sovereignty, and green livelihoods. Since 2000 closely observing the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Pollutants representing Thanal. ( Visited over 30 Countries and delivered talks on the subject of POPs , Pesticides, Zerowaste, Environment health and justice.

Steering committee member of the International POPs Elimination Network ( Steering Committee member Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives ( Committee Member and Co chair Pesticide Task Force, Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific ( Director, Pesticide Action Network - India


  • V.C.Padmanabhan Memorial Award - 2014

In the category of Ecology and Environment Conservation.


Mr. Jayakumar C in Videos

News hour discussion on increased temperature in Kerala - Manorama. Mr. C. Jayakumar, founder Trustee of Thanal participated in this live discussion
Mr. C. Jayakumar, Founder Trustee of Thanal participated in this television discussion.
A film is by Suma Josson, on the conservation of traditional paddy seeds by farmers in the three states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in India.
The waste treatment equipment and incinerator in Thiruvananthapuram secretariat is inefficient and emits dangerous gases to environment. The equipment also breaks the conditions mentioned in laws.

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