Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility

Municipal Solid Waste is a mix of discards. It is the responsibility of the State / Local Self Governments to handle the Municipal Solid Waste. In reality Municipal Solid Waste also contains discards which are as complicated and hazardous as industrial waste which need special attention.

Local Self Governments are unable to handle the situation due to lack of expertise and systems. It is not feasible for setting up systems for each and every single items.

Discards like Compact Fluroscent Lamps, Batteries, House hold chemicals, sanitary napkins diapers, etc which pose threat to the existing waste management systems. This need to be brought into the public debate to formulate policies to make it mandatory for producers to buy back and or pay for its safe disposal.

Thanal currently started with a process along with the partners from Zero Waste Himalaya, a basic research about these issues, which will form a discussion paper on this subject.


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