Agriculture and Food Sovereignty

Agriculture and Food Sovereignty

Thanal promotes and supports a sustainable form of agriculture which ensures

  • Restoration and Protection of biodiversity and the environment
  • Enhanced incomes for farmers and their families,
  • Food safety and security for consumers and the public at large

Our work involves not only projects on the ground, but also advocating changes in government policies. We currently run projects in Thiruvananthapuram, Wayanad and Palakkad in Kerala.

Save Our Rice Campaign, Promotion of organic farming, Organic Bazaar and Centre for Agroecology and Environment Studies in Wayanad are some of our current projects.

Along with other organisations in Kerala, Thanal strongly campaigned for keeping Kerala free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), leading to the Kerala government declaring the state 'GM-Free' in 2007. Thanal also supported the state governments efforts to develop a robust policy for organic farming in Kerala.


Paddy and Wetland Conservation
Campaign to save Paddy and Wetland eco systems.


Agro Ecology Centre, Wayanad
Agro Ecology Centre-Wayanad is an off campus of Thanal to promote research, documentation and training on sustainable agriculture.
Organic Bazaar
An initiative to bring Organic farmers, producers and consumers together for rebuilding lost links in exchange of safe food

Policy Advocacy

Draft National Policy on Farmers
this policy takes a rather simplistic approach to solve the problems, which is insufficient to remedy the agrarian crisis and bring better welfare into farmer families.


Resource Files

  1. Paddy Revival in Kattampally Kaippad: Achievements and Challenges

    Kattampally Kaippad (The low lying coastal paddy field is called Kaipppad) in Kannur district was considered as one of the granaries of north Kerala.

  2. Open letter to chairman national biodiersity authority on Genetic engineering

  3. Article about Banavasi Paddy utsav

    Article about Banavasi Paddy utsav

  4. Article in Magazine Koodu

    An Article by S.Usha in a Magazine named Koodu

  5. Paddy Art in the Rice fields by the farmer Anjaneya - Karnataka

    Paddy Art in the Rice fields by the farmer Anjaneya - Karnataka

  6. Photo Album of Save our Rice Campaign from October 2009 to September 2012

    Photo Album is a collection of Photos of Various Programme and work done in five states by Save our Rice Campaign from October 2009 to September 2012.

  7. Article in Magazine Sanghaditha

    Article by S.Usha in a Magazine ,Sanghaditha about Paddy fields and Food Sovereignty.

  8. Nammude Swathandryam Vithiloode

    "Nammude Swathandryam Vithiloode" An article by S.Usha in a magazine named Thaliru.

  9. A Curator of Paddy Seeds

    An article by Syed Ali Mujtaba about Syed Ghani Ghan ,Farmer from Mandya district Karnataka.

  10. Organic Rice Mela 2013

  11. book practices sound management chemicals UN

  12. Critique on task force report on biotechnology in agriculture

  13. Non Pesticidal Management in Enabavi

  14. Pesticide briefing - Glyphosate

  15. A Status Report of the Save our Rice Campaign-2004-06

  16. Proceedings of Rice Workshop (Kumbalangi)

  17. Save Our Rice - kumbalanghi declaration - english

  18. Save our Rice

    Save our Rice

  19. Article of Syed Ghani Khan

    Article of Syed Ghani Khan

  20. Keralathinte Nilanilpum, Otta Vaikol Viplavavum

    An article published in Chandrika Weekly by S.Usha.

  21. A Note on the Draft National Policy for Farmers

  22. An enquiry in the context of BT cotton cultivation in attapadi

  23. Save our rice

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