Living Ecosystems

Living Ecosystems

The current 'Development' paradigm unfortunately do not consider the totality of eco systems which supports lives and livelihoods of people. The engines of 'Development' which are motivated by temporary profits disregard just and equitable right over the natural resources. The piece meal approach in managing land without considering the ecosystems of which they are part of it leads to environmental disaster and social conflicts. Living Ecosystems is a programme of Thanal, where it tries to sensitize public and policy makers in land use so as to conserve the eco systems which harbors millions of people and their livelihood. Through policy advocacy and campaign, Thanal contributed for the formulation of Wetland and Paddy land conservation programmes and policies in Kerala. Currently Thanal is following the debates over Western Ghats.


Resource Files

  1. Keralathile chila bhoo samasyakal

    Keralathinte chila bhoo samasyakal K.V. Ramanujan Thampy Mathrubhumi 30 April 2013

  2. Save our Rice

    Save our Rice

  3. Government order regulating felling of trees in public places and Government institutions

    G.O.(Rt)68/2010 F&WLD Dt. 10 February 2010. Forest and Wildlife Department - Trees grown on the lands at the disposal of Government - Regulation on destruction and felling - Sanctioned - Orders Is

  4. Paddy Festival-May 2011

    A video on Paddy Festival at Adhirengam, Tamil Nadu

  5. Vilanatti (Planting Festival)

    A short video on Planting festival in Edavaka Panchayath, Wayanad district of Kerala

  6. Save Our Rice - kumbalanghi declaration - english

  7. The ecological conscience

    The ecological conscience

  8. Bio Diversity

  9. Runways that runs across lives - Proposed Aranmula Airport

    An article written by Ms. S. Usha of Thanal in Mathrubhumi Weekly on Aranmula Airport.

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