Zero Waste and Climate Action

Zero Waste and Climate Action

Thanal focus on promotion of sustainable resource use and management for ensuring equitable development and toxic free world. Ethics, Efficiency and Economics - the 3Es are the guiding principles. It suggests ethical use of resources for the larger good and sustenance. It reiterates the need for a social change to imbibe the ways of nature for survival and sustainability. Being ethical means having concerns for other human beings as well as the Mother Nature. The scarce resources have to be wisely utilized. People have to be efficient in resource utilization, resource conservation. Sustainable materials have to be identified, efficient production techniques have to be devised, and mindful consumption pattern have to be followed. Economics is the result of ethical and efficient utilization of resources. Economy is not mere private profit. It means more livelihoods, more jobs and inclusive growth. Zero Waste, Clean Production, Extended Producer Responsibility, Resource Recovery..

The canvass of Zero Waste is broadened with Climate Action work which is focussed towards building Climate resilience.  The programme advocates for 'Low Carbon' and or 'Carbon Neutral' cities / villages programme. Provides technical and research support for local self governments to achieve carbon resilience.

Thanal has set off in this direction through this programme towards its vision People, Planet, Sustainability

Join us, share your ideas and lets work together


Climate Resilient Kerala
A campaign to bring in interventions in local planning for building climate resilient
Sustainable Menstruation Kerala
With an interest to remove the taboo and demystify menstruation, empower women with alternative choices and create a healthy dialogue around the issues, this campaign aims to network change agents across the State to create a sustainable menstruation movement.
Climate Action
In the current climate-uncertain world, we explore strategic partnerships and innovations with communities to "think global, act local".
Zero Waste Himalayas
A movement for protecting the Himalayas - the third pole of the world. It is a network of individuals, organisations and Governments who have come together to implement Zero Waste.


Zero Waste Centre
An initiative of Thanal for Resource Use Education.
Zero Waste Fellowship
Thanal offer Zero Waste Fellowship for individuals, community based organizations and Governments. This programme builds capacity to design and establish better waste management systems.
Helpline for Zero Waste
Thanal have launched a helpline for availing technical support for people, institutions and Governments to solve waste issues
Consultancy Projects
We provide consultancy services on Organic Farming, Agro Biodiversity restoration and Solid Waste Management
Carbon Neutral Meenangadi
Together we co-create a carbon-neutral, toxic free and zero waste planet

Policy Advocacy

Zero Waste Kerala
Malinya Muktha Keralam was the right direction towards solving the isuue of Waste in Kerala. It was a campaign led by Kerala Suchitwa Mission which resulted in formulation of a zero waste policy for t
Extended Producer Responsibility
Extended Producer Responsibility is a policy advocacy on which Thanal focusses. It is to hold the manufacturers responsible for their post consumer products.
Low Carbon Communities
Policy and proceedings related to sectoral and socio-economic parameters for transitioning to low carbon economies.


Resource Files

  1. Case study of Zero Waste trivandrum railway station

  2. Zero Waste Himalayas - The Bir Declaration

    The declaration which set the direction for the Zero Waste Himalayas network, movement and campaign. The first Zero Waste Himalayas conference held at Deer Park Institute,

  3. Zero Waste Kovalam and Employment opportunities

    Zero Waste Kovalam and Employment opportunities - A research paper submitted under Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development by Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthpauram.

  4. Zero Waste Fellowship - Programme Report

    A travelling workshop was organized by Thanal for Zero Waste Himalayas Network during 23-27 September 2013. Ms. Lak Tsheden Teengh from Sikkim, India summarizes the whole programme in this report

  5. Beware of waste incinerators

  6. Critique on draft bylaw on Solid Waste Management released by Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram

  7. Vilappilsala Solid Waste Management Project - Are villages dustbins of Cities?

    A campaign alert material on proposed Centralized Mixed Waste Compost plant at Vilappil Panchayath by Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram.

  8. Malinya Mukta Keralam (Waste Free Kerala) - Action Plan

    Malinya Mukta Keralam (Waste Free Kerala) Action Plan is a document released by H.E. Pratibha Patil, President of of India on 1st November 2007. It contains the status of Solid Waste Manangement

  9. Carbon Neutral Meenangadi: Assessment & Recomendations

    A study report assessing the carbon emission and sequestration of a local self government - Meenangadi - in Wayanad district of Kerala. It is the first time in India where an assessment has been made at the LSG level. The report also suggests project ideas to make the LSG carbon neutral.

  10. Zero waste Kovalam fact sheet

  11. zero waste - a campaign awareness material

  12. Tips o organize zero waste events

  13. Zero waste himalayas

  14. Case study of Zero Waste Kovalam

  15. Handbook on Zero Waste UNDP

  16. Towards Zero Waste Thenmala - an approach paper

  17. Zero Waste Kurangani - Draft Approach Paper for Rural Tourism

  18. A talk on Zero Waste

    A talk by Mr. Shibu K. Nair at AAPs meeting at Thiruvananthapuram

  19. Waste Today

  20. An approach paper on Bio degradable Waste Management in Kovalam

  21. Status of Solid Waste Management in the District of Wayanad, Kerala

  22. Approach Paper on Non Biodegradable Wastes in Kovalam Tourist Area

  23. Waste to Energy Plant Poisoning Air - Study from Delhi

    Times of India Report on study proving that Waste to Energy Plant in Delhi spewing out dangerous levels of dioxins and furans

  24. Kitchen Bin Composting - An Introduction & User's guide

    The video explains the use of Kitchen bin to compost daily house hold kitchen waste in simple steps. The bin can be used in every household, without any prerequisite on open space.

  25. Green Protocol for Meenangadi Grama Panchayat

    Green Protocol instructions developed and submitted to Meenangadi Grama Panchayat Thanal as part of Carbon Neutral Meenangadi Project

  26. A note on Climate Change (Malayalam)

    A note on Climate change (Malayalam)

  27. Check list of Birds of Meenangadi

    A draft checklist of Birds in and around Meenangadi prepared by Mr. Raju S., Thanal as part of Carbon Neutral Meenangadi Project in 2017

  28. Carbon Neutral Meenangadi - Project Status posters

    A set of posters on Carbon emission and stock measurement process held in Meenangadi Grama Panchayat

  29. Carbon Neutral Meenangadi - Grama Panchayat Meeting Minutes

    Meeting Minutes of Meenangadi Grama Panchayat to entrust Thanal as technical support organization

  30. Attitude of Waste Managers and the Challenges faced by them - A study report

    A study report on attitude and challenges of waste managers of Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation. An internship study report by Ms. Alka Bastin, Marian College an intern of Thanal during April-May 2018

  31. Climate Change - Basic facts (Malayalam) Education Booklet - 1

    A booklet on basic facts on climate change on the back ground of Carbon Neutral Meenangadi Project. It was produced to support awareness and education campaign on climate change in Kerala.

  32. Carbon Neutral Wayanad - Background notes (Malayalam) - Education Material - 2

    A booklet on climate change, concept of climate resilience and carbon neutral Wayanad

  33. Carbon assessment Methodology (Malayalam) Education Material - 3

    A brief summary of Carbon Neutral Meenangadi assessment of carbon emission and stock with methodolgy (Malayalam)

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