Brand Audit of Low Value Plastics in Thiruvananthapuram - Campaign Poster

Low value plastic packing materials - carry bags, pouches, disposable consumables, containers etc - are not viable for recycling hence it is discarded by the informal sector. These materials often orphaned and ends up in open fire, drains, waterbodies and sea.  Thanal, with the support of GAIA and Break Free From Plastics campaign tried a brand audit to understand the nature, quantity of these materials and the burden of these materials on existing solid waste management system.  Thanal collaborated with Green Army - a network of students and youth volunteers in Thiruvananthapuram and colleced samples from the city to do an exhaustive analysis. The report have been submitted with recommendations to the Hon'ble Mayor of the City on 5th June 2018.


The campaign poster was designed by Raphaelle Buisset who was an Intern at Thanal.

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