Kitchen Bin Composting - An Introduction & User's guide

The video explains the use of Kitchen bin to compost daily house hold kitchen waste in simple steps. The bin can be used in every household, without any prerequisite on open space.

1. Kitchen Bin
2. House hold kitchen waste (with minimum water content)
3. Cocopeat mixed with Inoculum or Dry leaves

Please Note:
1. Bin to be kept at a place with suitable air circulation. 
2. Kitchen wastes to be added systematically with minimum water content.
3. Avoid excessive addition of citric wastes (lemon, orange peels etc).
4. Add wastes once a day and ensure to cover the same using cocopeat or dry leaves
5. Keep the bin under a lighted bulb at night

For more details contact Thanal Zero Waste Helpline number: +91-9400-147-150 (6 days a week, 10am to 5pm)