Plastic Litter Study Final Report

Plastics in the ocean is a global concern not just because of its impact on ecosystems but on economy dependent upon resources from the ocean. The coastline is a corridor of exchange of life between two entirely different ecosystems - ocean and land. Characteristics of aquatic eco system and land ecosystem merges on this belt. Presence of plastic litter on coast is an index on pollution especially for this ecologically sensitive zone. Zero Waste & Climate Action team of Thanal conducted the study to develop plastic litter index for the coast of Kerala. Plastic litter samples were collected from 59 locations along the coast at regular intervals of 10 kilometre. Collected samples were analysed on the basis of type of plastic and on the nature of utility of the product. The study finds that 1.66 pieces of plastic is present in every square meter of beach along the coast of Kerala. Index value in terms of weight of plastic is calculated to be 10.31grams per square meter. 17 crore plastic pieces weighing 1057 tonnes is estimated to be present along the Intertidal Zone of Kerala.

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