Standard Operating Procedure of Community Aerobic Composting Bins - Thumburmoozhi Model

Aerobic Bin (Thumburmoozhi model) is a solution for organic waste management, which can be implemented in Corporations, Municipalities, Panchayat, Institution level and by residence associations. 

Waste management is a major crisis faced in most of Indian cities with rapid growth of urban population. There are not many foolproof waste management systems available. The prevailing system of dumping waste in yards is causing many environmental and health hazards. Though recycling is an option management for non biodegradable waste, disposal of biodegradable discards is still a major concern.  The Aerobic Bin or “Aerobin” provides an excellent solution for biodegradable waste: which constitute 70% of total waste generated.          

With the help of aerobic bins, biodegradable waste can be converted into compost, which can then be used for soil conditioning for farming and gardening.

In addition to converting the biodegradable waste to non toxic nutrients, aerobic bins don’t pose any associated issues to local residents.  Effective maintenance of Aerobic bins would not cause the emission of foul odor and moreover, the heat produced during the process kills pathogens. 

Aerobic bins are constructed in such a way that it enables proper air circulation, proper draining of leachate and an easy way of collecting biodegradable waste in layers. Furthermore, no turning or mixing of the equipment is required.

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