Story of Paper Plate

Biriyani lovers, beware! Your biriyani might not be as COOL as it used to be.

When was the last time you enjoyed your biriyani in a wedding reception / community event? Or when did you buy your biriyani as a parcel? Your chances of eating biriyani from someones waste is high! Under the disguise of “Material for recycling”, India has increasingly become a favourite destination for exporting waste. It was not long back when Municipal solid waste from the city of New York was shipped to Kerala under the category Material for recycling. Used electronic equipments are also following suit. India’s prominence as a recipient of used / rejected / discarded material is on the increase since China has banned the import of Material for recycling. Roots of the network that imports material for recycling has become so deep that it has reached our dining tables. Import of Carton cut waste or used cartons has become so rampant that they are being imported not only from developed nations like UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Portugal and Germany in Europe and from Australia but also from developing countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam in Asia and Egypt, Tunisia & South Africa from Africa. Material has also crossed the Atlantic from USA, Dominican Republic and Mexico to reach the shores of India. It is even more disturbing to realise that single use paper plates made from these carton waste are mixing poison into the hot food that we eat from them.

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