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Solution to Agrarian Crisis in Wayanad: Agroecology

Wayanad, nestled in the high altitudes of Western ghats, is largely agrarian and significantly covered with forests. It is at the forefront of Climate Change and Agrarian Crisis in India. Thanal, working on environmental issues in kerala at grassroots and policy level for over thirty years, has a solution to it: Agroecology    – Article  …

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Grow, Cook and Eat

This book is a collection of the writings of a food enthusiast, activist and literally a good food envangelist Sreedevi Lakshmikutty – Consultant Save our Rice Campaign.

Think waste – article by sridhar in Deccan Chronicle

Article by Sridhar in Deccan Chronicle.(24 Dec 2016) <iframe src=”;embedded=true” width=”100%” height=”780″ style=”border: none;”></iframe>