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The Sustainable Menstruation Kerala campaign has brought together menstrual rights activists, experts and alternative hygiene products groups together to push for a sustainable menstruation agenda across the State. We aim to work closely with the current policies in manufacture and disposal, access to hygiene products and human rights associated with menstruation and reproductive health of women. The choice and burden of menstrual hygiene related issues transcends gender differences with it’s complex challenges in health issues and waste management. We support sustainable menstruation through zero waste and circular economies, for the health and well-being of our women, ecology and society at large. If you are someone who can actively contribute in research, advocacy, alternative products manufacture/distribution and art-culture-education initiatives in the State

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Plastics – Claims and Realities

Article published in the edit page of Mathrubhumi daily on the false claims and realities surrounding plastics. It analyzes how plastics are made, its impact on economy, livelihood, environment and...

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